Amanda is a bisexual author, with a primary focus on M/M romance. Based in Minneapolis, she is the creator of the paranormal romance trilogy The Incubus Saga and several other titles through various publishers. She has a Bachelor of Arts in a personally designed Creative Writing major from St. Olaf College, and is an avid consumer of fiction through film, prose, and video games.


The Case of the Boy in Blue
Short Story - Out Now
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Leonard Quill, private investigator, never expected a case to walk through his door quite like this one, complete with murder, a frame job, blackmail, and powerful players, especially coming from a man with bright blue eyes behind his glasses, a crooked bow tie, and an impossible smile.
This kid was going to be trouble, I just knew it.
"Have a seat, Mr. Valentine. What can I do for you?"
Colder Than Fiction
Short Story - Out Now
Colder Than Fiction.jpg
Ezra wakes with the worst hangover of his life after a Christmas party he never wanted to attend. It’s the holidays, he was just dumped by his boyfriend, and his next manuscript is due to his publisher by the end of the year, but all Ezra wants is escape.
Then escape finds him when the antagonist from his current work in progress appears in the flesh to help him finish his book – and indulge in everything else that’s been missing from Ezra’s life.


Dawn Collage.png

At Galaxy Con 2019, I met Charlie Nolan, a photographer who commented on my Ms. Marvel costume while I was manning my author booth. Charlie reached out to me earlier this year to schedule a photo shoot, and I jumped at the chance - Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn & Black Canary.

CONsole room logo.png

Last weekend, I experienced my first virtual convention, CONsole Room, which is (usually) a local Dr. Who convention that has some truly amazing vendors – and hey, I got to be one of them in 2020, so this year I wanted to join in on the virtual version.

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