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Dream Cast for Life as a Teenage Vampire

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that thinking about who would play my characters in the TV or movie version of the story ALWAYS crosses my mind. It’s fun, it helps paint a picture, and you never know when a piece of fiction might legitimately turn into the next big technicolor hit.

For Life as a Teenage Vampire, it’s funny how much easier it was to think of who I wanted for the supporting cast, while thinking of the right actors for my leading men took some thought.

Emery – Jake T Austin (though possibly Kaiso Hill)

The main protagonist who becomes a vampire his senior year of high school. I had help coming up with Hill from one of my followers at Tumblr. He captures the look of Emery, and his martial arts knowledge would make the occasional action of the role an easier fit. But Austin just looks so much more like…Em.

Connor – Tom Holland

The secondary protagonist who is in love with Emery and becomes his romantic interest. Seeing this kid as Spider-Man in the recent Civil War movie clinched him for me as the adorable fast-talking nerd who can blow you away with his tech knowledge and quips.

Alec – Tom Hiddleston

The very eccentric and powerful vampire mentor that takes Emery under his wing. He was actually the first actor I ever thought of for this story, and in fact, I based the look of Alec on the picture I’ve included here. I was originally going for a more traditional, stoic vampire mentor, but as he became a more unconventional figure, this was who popped into my head.

Wendy – Mozhan Marnò

The vampire hunter who comes to Emery’s aid. Tall gorgeous badass? Done. Watching her as an agent on Blacklist helped me fall in love with this actress. I imagine she could bring Wendy to life beautifully.

Aurora – Lana Condor

The spit-fire friend of Connor and Emery. Condor is tiny, adorable, and just played the most recent incarnation of Jubliee in X-Men Apocalypse—WIN. Since the girl this character was based off of is a huge Jubilee fan, I think she’d approve.

Jules – Gage Golightly

The bubblier friend of Connor and Emery who is actually an amazing strategist. Golightly is that perfect blond bombshell, who I can totally imagine playing Pokemon in the high school hallways. Loved her short-lived role on Teen Wolf.

Michael – Sterling Knight

The all-American, boy next door, captain of the football team. Knight really has that infectious smile and blond heartthrob thing going that captures Michael perfectly.

Nick – Carlos Knight

The tall, quiet friend who is extremely observant. This boy is so adorably smiley, and while the character of Nick is less so, here he really captures how I picture him.

John – Oded Fehr

Emery’s father. I’ll never quite get over my crush on Fehr, ever since The Mummy and Resident Evil. So since part of this character is based off of my husband…it’s far too perfect casting.

Kay – Parker Posey

Emery’s mother, who is, I’ll admit, basically me, and I adore the fast-paced charm of Posey’s humor and ability to be very possessive and emotional in her characters as well.

Eli – Michael Ealy

The conflicted vampire hunter. This is another character who was based physically after the actor before I even started writing. I blame my addiction to the short-lived Almost Human, and how much Ealy held my attention so flawlessly. He can play tough and sympathetic beautifully.

Gamble – Adam Baldwin

The vampire hunter Connor and Emery first encounter, who threatens Connor more than once. There are few actors who can equally play characters you love and characters you love to hate. Baldwin is one of them. The gruffness he brings, the lack of empathy he can express in a character, would definitely help build the antagonistic feelings in the audience toward Gamble perfectly.

Bane – Michael Parks

The leader of the hunters with a sinister plan. Parks has proven his chops in many roles, and is still a lesser known actor for most people. From Dusk Til Dawn, Red State, Tusk…this man can play cruel villain who thinks he’s in the right better than anyone.

Georgia – Judy Greer

Connor’s mother. I love how this woman can play hilarious as well as serious so interchangeably, and she definitely does a great job portraying a concerned mother.

Paul – Corey Stoll

Connor’s father. I love this actor. I hope to see him in more after Ant-Man, since he wasn’t given much to work with in that role. He embodies the man this character is based off of, and has a real endearing side that shines through.

Tim – Dash Mihok

Chief of Police. This actor won me over as a sweet cop in Punisher Warzone. He can do the easy-going, joking kind of guy, but still pull off being serious. And if ever there was a type of role that gets people typecast a lot…it’s playing a cop.

So that’s my dream cast, covering all the major players. But I’d love to know what some of the early readers came up with and if you have any suggestions for me instead. And if you haven’t checked out the book yet, I encourage you to give it a try. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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