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New Cover Reveal for Lovesick Gods

One thing I love about being both a self-published author and an author who has worked with smaller indie publishers is the amount of control I have over my product, and how much more hands-on everything can be with the process and interacting with fans.

I do all my own promotion and outreach, so talks with fans is often the highlight of my year, especially talking about my newest titles.

After Lovesick Gods came out last fall, while the response to the work itself was amazing, possibly the highest praise in reviews I’ve seen for any of my titles, the response on the cover seemed to be mixed if not downright negative, that it didn’t draw people’s attention and they might not have read it if not for the synopsis pulling them in.

I took all that feedback, and in preparation for book 2 coming out in March, Lovesick Titans, I wanted to redo the first cover so that book 2 can hit the market with a bigger bang as its complement.

I am excited to present that cover TODAY as the kickoff to a week-long free eBook promotion of Lovesick Gods on Amazon.

Check it out and stay tuned for sneak peeks and the release of Lovesick Titans COMING SOON.

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