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What A Difference Three Years Make

Three years ago, my husband and I donned Captain Cold and Heat Wave cosplay for the first time, inspired by the versions on the CW’s The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, and I have to admit, the costumes and photos turned out pretty amazing. It even helped get me on CW Fantalk at the time where I got to ask a question of John Wesley Shipp (and Keiynan Lonsdale on a later episode).

A year ago, getting ready for a vacation to Jamaica, we decided to try out Nutrisystem to get our health and diets back on track, as both of us have a history of high blood pressure and cholesterol. I had always wanted to try Nutrisystem, just for 3-4 months, to help reset my calorie intake and get a few bad habits broken and some good ones put in place—and boy did it work.

Not only am I 20 pounds lighter than I was three years ago for that first photoshoot, but I am thinner and healthier than I have ever been as an adult, mostly because of portion control, more protein, more good veggies in my diet, and actually snacking instead of three big meals like I was always used to.

Over a year since we first started that diet, the weight remains off and we are both so happy and feel amazing, which is really what it’s about—feeling energized and happy with yourself.

See, while I might not have been truly overweight three years ago, I was the fat kid in grade school. I spent an entire year of my life being called ‘Porky’ by classmates. And that sort of thing never really leaves you. Gaining twenty pounds these days might as well be a hundred for how it can turn me into that same little girl. Instead, taking control over my life and being this happy with my body makes that little girl very happy.

So I decided it was time to retake those Cold and Heat Wave photos to show off the change in both of us (since my husband is down 30+ pounds himself).

What a difference three years make.

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