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Amanda Meuwissen Books 2022 Year in Review

It's time to celebrate just how much happened in 2022. I can hardly believe it, but as I was putting this together, I realized the sheer volume I produced, and none of it was done alone.

Besides the release of 8 new titles, including 6 novels, 1 short, and 1 inclusion in an anthology, I also released 4 audiobooks for previous and new releases, and attended 4 conventions across the country, two in Minnesota, GalaxyCon Raleigh, and the king of conventions, Dragon Con in Atlanta.

A big thank you to Gus Li, lead editor on my series titles, who never fails to make my stories better. K.L. Hiers for the convention company and constant cheerleading. Ashlynn Mills for heading the Haunted Love collaboration with 9 contributing authors, and Hellie Heat for leading our Monsters & Mayhem collection with 11 authors. Both were incredible experiences and some of my most successful releases of 2022.

Also, a big thanks to Fentriss O. Moore for narration on The Case of the Boy in Blue and Kevin Earlywine for Silhouette, including an unbelievable song collaboration. I did my own narration on Octopi My Heart and was finally able to complete Sidhe to join the other audiobooks in my Incubus Saga.

Between beta readers, my ARC team, author exchanges, cover artists, fans and fellow authors I got to meet in person, and more great experiences than I can name - THANK YOU.

And an extra thanks to everyone in my Facebook group Amanda Meuwissen Books, who helped me surpass 700 members. You can follow me on all the usual social sites listed here.

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