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Amanda Meuwissen on Author Chat with Andy

I'm excited to be the guest at Author Chat with Andy today, where I talk about my Halloween horror short, The Tea House, as well as other current projects.

Here’s a peek at one of the questions:

How many half-written stories are on your hard-drive and what do you plan to do with them?
​I feel like the only true answer to that is long peals of laughter. ^_^ Too many to count, though I honestly plan to write most of them at some point. Like I mentioned, I love doing prompt challenges, which will easily give me 30+ ideas to work with each year. Not all of them will become longer shorts or full novels, but many will – and have in the past.
I try to keep a list of the ones I know for sure I want to work on, and if I’m stuck during a current project and need a break for my muse, I’ll dive back into one of those old ideas to shake up my creative juices. Sometimes it means finishing one of those half-finished projects sooner than later, but always it helps get me jazzed about writing again if I’ve started to feel in a slump.

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