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Author Interview at Maggie Blackbird

It's hard to believe that my release is already a month past for Their Dark Reflections. One of my final interviews for the release blog tour can be found at Maggie Blackbird.

Here is an example question I answered:


If Their Dark Reflections was an alcoholic beverage, what would it be and why?

A Mar-TEA-ni. This is a drink my husband and I first learned of through How to Drink, one of our favorite YouTube channels, about cocktails. This drink is a very strange people-pleaser. Even though it might have some things in it that you normally wouldn’t think you would like, how it all works together just makes it… delicious. ^_^

1.5 oz earl grey infused gin, recommended Ford’s Gin ¾ oz simple syrup 1 oz lemon juice 1 egg white

Dry shake first, then shake with ice Strain into sugar-rimmed glass Garnish with a lemon twist


I answer many more questions in the rest of the interview, as well as provide an excerpt from my new novel. Check it out! And stay tuned for more.

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