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Book Two in a Series

I think there is something very difficult about writing the second book in a series. You’ve established some things but need to expand on the universe and lore in most cases. Sometimes you may be following different characters with only cameos of past ones. And you need to feel like you’ve somehow bested – or at least maintained – what you accomplished with book one.

I certainly hope I have managed to do that as I continue my current series. I’m insane and right now alternating between two series of very different genres. ^_^

The first, Tales from the Gemstone Kingdoms, is high fantasy/fairy tale.

The second, Moonlight Prophecies, is urban fantasy with shifters and vampires.

Gemstone started last fall with The Prince and the Ice King, and now has book two, Stitches, ready for preorder with an April 19th release.

Moonlight came next last October with By the Red Moonlight, since it is set around Halloween, and now has its book two with a release date of May 24th, Blue Moon Rising.

While you are waiting to see what THAT cover looks like, here is a teaser below.

OR you can join my Facebook Group, where you’ll always be the first to learn about and see everything upcoming, including this full cover.

I don’t recommend writing two series at once – or even alternating like I am – but it is fun to stretch my author wings in multiple genres and write about very different characters and rules to unique universes.

On top of that, I’m participating in TWO author collabs this year around like genres/topics, which you can also learn more about at my Facebook Group, with more to be shared here in the months to come.

Do you have any favorite series, and if so, how much did you enjoy book two?

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