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COVER REVEAL: It's a Tenta-ful Life

Get ready for the winter holiday M/M tentacle romance collaboration, TINSEL AND TENTACLES.

My book, IT'S A TENTA-FUL LIFE, features:

  • a lifelong bachelor uninterested in love

  • an eldritch horror who's a fool for love

  • mutual pining

  • strangers to friends to lovers

  • dark and deadly secrets

  • tentacles with hidden talents

The book will be out December 22nd!

Be sure to check out the next book in the series by L Eveland, REBEL WITHOUT A CLAUS, coming your way December 25th!

Tinsel and Tentacles Lineup and Release Schedule:

  • Nov. 24-All I Want for Christmas is Tentacles (Chloe Archer)

  • Nov. 29-Tentacles and Other Stocking Stuffers (Delaney Rain)

  • Dec. 1-Tentacles Rock (K. C. Carmine)

  • Dec. 4-A Sucker for Christmas (JP Sayle)

  • Dec. 8-Jingle Bells and Elder Gods (Kiernan Kelly)

  • Dec. 11-Kraken Klaus (Charlotte Brice)

  • Dec. 15-Twelve Days of Squidmas (K.L. Hiers)

  • Dec. 18-Tentacle Wonderland (Reese Morrison)

  • Dec. 22-It's a Tenta-ful Life (Amanda Meuwissen)

  • Dec. 25-Rebel Without a Claus (L Eveland)

  • Dec. 29-Cthulhu for Christmas (Meghan Maslow)

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