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MM Romance at Twin Cities Con

Wow almost 80 books sold to nearly 40 different people – meaning most bought more than one. Thank you, attendees of Twin Cities Con this weekend, for my most successful con of all time.

I prefer comic and anime conventions over those specific to my genre or just books, because I’m a huge geek myself and love cosplaying and the general geeky atmosphere. Also, you can’t beat the look on someone’s face at finding queer fiction in this environment.

From the man buying a book for his fiancé, the couple who came back after one bought several and the other had to have his own, the wives who gushed about cosplay and anime with me as one bought several, the Poison Ivy cosplayer who bought a series, only for her partner dressed as Harley Quinn to buy another, and the young man in an incredible Hawks cosplay from My Hero Academia who planned to wait to purchase until after autographs from Sean Astin and Elijah Wood, only to rush back early to have reading material in line, and let me know later how much he was enjoying the first book in The Incubus Saga.


I could go on and on, because whether it’s someone younger buying my YA title Life as a Teenage Vampire, or another aspiring author who’s excited to see more local queer representation, this is the type of con experience I live for. I sold out of copies of my Dracula retelling, A Delicious Descent, and sold at least one of every title on my table, many of which were close to selling out as well.

Twin Cities Con is a young one, only on its second year, with kinks to work out as attendees increase, but I was ecstatic to see the turnout and so many incredible vendors, many of whom I’ve known for years. We’ve been missing a big con like this since the loss of the short-lived GalaxyCon Minneapolis in 2019, and I hope Twin Cities Con continues to grow and develop into something truly grand and wonderful for all involved.

You bet I’ll be there next year.

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