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New M/M Romance Giveaway & Fun at CONsole Room

Last weekend, I experienced my first virtual convention, CONsole Room, which is (usually) a local Dr. Who convention that has some truly amazing vendors – and hey, I got to be one of them in 2020, so this year I wanted to join in on the virtual version.

Everything was over Discord and various other online avenues. I had a personal channel to talk with people about my books, lead people to my buy links, and I also donated my YA novel, Life as a Teenage Vampire, to the charity auction.

Some of the things I shared were my recent contribution to a giveaway, M/M New Year’s Freebies through BookFunnel. If you sign up for my monthly newsletter through the giveaway, you can download an advance copy of a short story I have scheduled for release on Valentine’s Day – The Case of the Boy in Blue.

I shared my recent full-length novel release, Their Dark Reflections.

I invited people to my Facebook group.

I shared how you can find all my works on Amazon, along with some of my more popular older works, like The Incubus Saga.

I had the pleasure of catching up with my neighbor vendor from the previous year and helped promote her work, since I had purchased a gorgeous necklace from her. Check out more of her stuff here.

Overall, it was a great time discussing my books, with that convention spirit I missed, even if it wasn’t in person.

Here’s to more virtual events until it is the right time again for on location.

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