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New Release: Gardening with a Ghost

Gardening with a Ghost is LIVE!

I had so much fun working on this project, my first multi-author collaboration, my first time formatting my own paperback, and a chance to finesse my mystery writing chops. What a blast! I got to explore gardening, a gothic home, vintage skin mags from the 80s, and renew my love of Indiana Jones. All in all, a really great book to work on that I am very proud of.

Peter Thorne has a secret—he can bring the dead back to life.

When Peter’s mother died, she passed him the touch of life and made him promise to use his abilities wisely. Unable to bring her back and afraid of being caught or causing too much imbalance in the world, Peter vowed to use his gift only on plants. After all, with people, sometimes dead is better.

Or that is what Peter thinks until he takes a gardening job at Benes Manor. The mystery of a missing girl, an old gothic home, and the whispers and tempting caresses of a ghost in his room lead him to delve deeper into his powers than ever before. Perhaps he can find the missing girl and the origins of his ghostly visitor, if only he knew who to trust—and who and what to touch.

Gardening with a Ghost is part of the MM paranormal romance collaboration Haunted Love.

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