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October Writing Prompts

In the spirit of Halloween, the upcoming month of October in general, and my next big release which comes out October 5, By the Red Moonlight, I’ve decided to participate in a prompt a day challenge once again this year, following these October Writing Prompts.

I didn’t do any prompt months last year, and since I’ve been trying to keep my muse fed with side projects while working on my two currently running series, Tales from the Gemstone Kingdoms, which kicked off last month with The Prince and the Ice King, and Moonlight Prophecies, which will be kicking off with By the Red Moonlight, I figured it would be fun to dabble and give myself some potential future project ideas.

You’d be amazed by how many short stories and full-length novels of mine started as prompted drabbles from something just like this.

Stay tuned! And don’t forget to join Amanda Meuwissen Books so you can read each of the upcoming prompts as I write them starting October 1st.

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