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"...often seen in costume as one of her favorite fictional characters." Dawn & Black Canary

That line has been in my bio pretty much since I was first published: "Amanda regularly attends local comic conventions for fun and to meet with fans, where she will often be seen in costume as one of her favorite fictional characters."

Well, conventions didn't really happen last year and haven't kicked in for this year yet either, if they even will, but I managed to dress up anyway.

At Galaxy Con 2019, I met Charlie Nolan, a photographer who commented on my Ms. Marvel costume while I was manning my author booth. Charlie reached out to me earlier this year to schedule a photo shoot of any other characters I might be interested in, and I jumped at the chance, especially since I had been robbed of debuting my lifelong cosplay goal - Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn.

Well, it may not have been at a convention, but goal achieved!

I couldn't pass up the chance to get an extra costume in, working with such a talented photographer, so we also shot my yet to be debuted Black Canary costume.

Be sure to check out Nolan Digital to see my individual shots, as well as all of Charlie's amazing (and growing) portfolio.

Now, if I could just have a con to wear these to. I miss meeting readers and signing books in person. Soon, folks! Hopefully soon.

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