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Release Day - A Delicious Descent


Happy Halloween - and happy release day to me!

This is one of my favorite things I've written, a dream come true in so many ways. Thank you to everyone who helped me almost DOUBLE my preorder goal, and if you haven't nabbed it yet...

Won't you join Jonathan in his descent?


A Delicious Descent

Dracula retold, with Jonathan as the object of the legendary vampire’s obsession.

Engaged to his dear friend Mina, Jonathan Harker jumps at the chance to delay their wedding by accepting an assignment in far-off Transylvania. Jonathan loves Mina but not in the way a man should love a wife, for his true passion lies with the company of men, an illicit craving he can never indulge.

Upon arriving in Transylvania to help the elusive Count Dracula purchase an estate in London, Jonathan makes some surprising if tantalizing discoveries. It seems his mysterious client has similar proclivities and encourages his male servants to explore their forbidden desires, all the while tempting Jonathan to partake.

Carnal pleasure isn’t the only surprise awaiting him, however, as Dracula’s secrets are far deadlier than Jonathan ever imagined, and as alluring as his new master’s touch.

Contains MM with sharing, MMM, and brief FF. Only warnings are for typical vampire violence and the mildest of dubious consent, for Dracula wants nothing more than for Jonathan to choose him willingly...

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