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Release Day - Apollo's Courtesan

Rather than chapter after chapter of erotica like in Aikos's journey, this is true romance, with a slow burn toward an inevitable swoony & steamy end between the god Apollo and mortal Dax. But like in any classic Greek myth, our heroes must conquer a few trials first.


Dax was always second best among the acolytes of Aphrodite, destined to remain in the shadow of his friend and rival, Aikos, when the time came for them to ascend as courtesans. But while Aikos sought freedom to serve many and no one through his favored tenet of their goddess—desire—Dax seeks another domain.


The god Apollo is broken and lonely after countless loses of mortal lovers, thinking his heart beyond repair. Or he did, until Aikos led him to a prophecy of a possibly mended future.

Where Aikos indulged in divine desires, Dax and Apollo choose courtship. Can they beat the odds against them of attaining love between mortal and god, or will the pasts that haunt them define their forever after?

Apollo's Courtesan can be read standalone but is best as a follow-up to Last Courtesan of Olympus for those who wanted to see Dax and Apollo get their happily ever after.

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