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Release Day - His Slender Embrace

Yet another happy release day to me, and boy am I excited about this one. You've been waiting for it, and His Slender Embrace is finally live.

Be sure to join Amanda Meuwissen Books, where I have much in store for members to help celebrate, including a reading playlist, alternate cover possibilities, a live reading, signed paperback/eBook giveaway, and more!

What can you expect from this book?

General Tropes:

  • tentacles

  • mutual pining

  • hurt/comfort

  • fantasy roleplay

  • HEA

Spicey Tropes:

  • exhibitionism

  • hentai fantasies (trains & tentacles & being watched, oh my)

  • rooftop grinding

  • fooling around next to a sleeping friend

  • touch but don’t look

Read the full blurb and purchase the book or read on Kindle Unlimited HERE.

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