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RELEASE DAY - Hollow House

The long-awaited sequel to my #horror #mmromance #tentacle #short, The Tea House, is LIVE, completing my now two-part Tea Roses & Tentacles series with Hollow House.

If you didn't preorder, grab it now in eBook, paperback, or audiobook, also on #KindleUnlimited, along with book 1. Book 1's eBook is only $0.99.



Jaime is looking for sanctuary and a new start after escaping his stepfather. With little money to his name, he doubts he can afford the gorgeous bed and breakfast he stumbles upon, surrounded by tea roses inside and out. Then Logan, the handsome young concierge, surprises Jaime with a ‘pay what you can’ policy, and Jaime is instantly smitten.

Little does Jaime know the Tea House is plagued by rumors of monsters and disappearances and is known by another name.

Hollow House.



Logan is more content and complete than ever with his lover, Jaime, as companion to help run the Tea House, their quaint bed and breakfast with its extensive garden of tea roses. Each day, Logan chooses a new daily rose to be on display for their patrons, and each day, his hunger grows. He always eventually needs to feed again, but he promised Jaime to only devour those who deserve it. Despite it being the busy season, the current guests taking advantage of their ‘pay what you can’ policy offer few options.

Little does Logan know his resolve to keep his promise to Jaime will soon be tested as old patrons he met decades previously are coming for a visit and don’t expect to find the same concierge as when they were teenagers. He might once again be forced to eliminate all witnesses to the dark truth of…

Hollow House.

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