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Release Day - Last Courtesan of Olympus Audiobook

"Get the Audible audiobook for the reduced price of $7.49 after you buy the kindle book" and with the kindle version FREE thru 3.15.24, that's both for less than $8 right HERE.

MM encounters to shake the heavens.

Aikos is the best at what he does, the most skilled and coveted acolyte of Aphrodite, and he knows it. But when his beauty and allure attract the attention of the gods themselves, his ascension to courtesan takes a turn he never expected: straight to Olympus.

Given by Zeus as a gift to eight of the male Greek gods, Aikos must please each of them and decide between them who he will serve without earning himself a tragic end. Can he choose when the one tenet of Aphrodite's temple he knows the least—love, in all its forms—is the one he most needs to understand now?

Indulge in the divine desires of the gods in this enticing standalone novel, with roleplay, wingplay, tentacles, and more.

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