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Release Day - The Bard and the Fairy Prince

This release has a story behind it (obviously, but I mean an EXTRA story).

Many moons ago, when my husband and I played World of Warcraft in college, he had a human warrior character named Janskoller, and I had a human warlock named Nemirac, which was meant to be an inverse of my oft used online name Crimson, and was generally a morally gray character whenever I used that name from then on.

When people ask me if characters in my books are based on me or people I know, the answer is almost always no, unless it's a minor character a little like me as a mother figure. But I can't deny that Janskoller and Nemirac are especially close to me because they were inspired by characters first donned by me and my husband.

He has since used versions of Janskoller for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, where a once warrior character first became a warrior bard, and I've used the name Nemirac for campaigns too, as well as for video game characters.

That may be why this review hits so close to home:

"The patience of that man with all of Nemirac’s whims while still remaining comprehensive and funny. He was the only one who could manage Nemirac’s stubbornness and, some mistakes aside, he did it perfectly."

Yep, he truly does that for me in real life too.

Enjoy Janskoller and Nemirac's Tale from the Gemstone Kingdoms, The Bard and the Fairy Prince.


When Prince Nemirac learns of his heritage, he vows to become the most powerful demon in history. But he can’t do it alone.

Feeling betrayed by his parents’ lies about his true lineage, Nemirac embarks on a quest to visit all five Gemstone Kingdoms and drain the stones of their power to ascend as a new being. But until he obtains that magic, he’s vulnerable.

Enter Janskoller the warrior bard.

Janskoller has just returned to the Gemstone Kingdoms, drawn by stories of broken curses and lands open for travel. He doesn’t expect a pretty young mage to hire him as a bodyguard, but it’s a good gig for a bard—lots of adventure to fuel his stories, and plenty of travel to spread his fame. Besides, Nemirac’s passion and obvious secrets intrigue him. But soon Janskoller realizes the peril of Nemirac’s goal—an end that puts the five kingdoms at risk and corrupts Nemirac into a darker, twisted version of the man Janskoller has come to care about. As the two grow closer, can Janskoller convince Nemirac to abandon his pursuit of power in favor of the deeper, more lasting magic of love?

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