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Silhouette NOW on Audible

The audiobook for Silhouette, narrated beautifully by Kevin Earlywine, complete with an original song (which you can download for FREE) is now finally available on Audible.

This MM romance short has suspense, burlesque, and an MC who's never been touched. eBook on Kindle Unlimited and pocket paperback coming later this month.

Mob boss Gael Pierce has recently taken over the territory of Xavier Trabeaux, better known as Mr. X. While cataloging his acquisitions, Gael stumbles upon a gem he didn’t expect—Silhouette, the headliner for a burlesque club who gives even better performances in the back rooms. There’s just one catch: he is completely untouchable, and Gael vows to get to the bottom of why and how he might change that.
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