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Some Books May Be Gone Soon

What you may or may not know is that I am an entirely self-published author now, and recently, books previously published through publishers have been released back to me, which means you will start to see them disappear from availability.

Some I plan to redo as soon as I can with new covers. The original covers, once gone, are gone for good. That also means that for my Etsy store, once what I have in stock for paperbacks are gone, that is it until I have new covers. Coming Up for Air is already sold out, so if you love any of these previous covers and had been holding out for signed copies, now is the time. The books include:

  • The Gemstone Kingdoms series

  • Moonlight Prophecies series

  • Coming Up for Air

  • Their Dark Reflections

  • After Vertigo

  • A Model Escort

  • Interpretive Hearts

  • Courting Nightfall

  • Public Enemy, Undercover Lover

  • (plus any non-English translations of the above)

The good news is that I now have the opportunity to re-release these under my own Amanda Meuwissen Books brand. The plan for now! I am going to start with Coming Up for Air and the Gemstone Kingdoms series and plan to do illustrated covers for those. That is 6 books in total, which is a good chunk to pay for new covers, so that is likely all I can afford at first on top of my other normal releases. When I have time, I will design and re-cover my contemporary books myself (A Model Escort, Interpretive Hearts, and Public Enemy).

That leaves the Moonlight Prophecies series and those other standalones that I am not currently in a huge rush to re-cover. They're all great books but didn't perform as well for me. I'm hoping with eventual new covers, they can have some new life, but for now, those will be on hold.

What is the best way to show support for me and these titles, especially if you haven't read them yet? Either wait to read/purchase until the new versions are available, or purchase from my Etsy store:

It is a great privilege to be in a place as a now fully self-published author to have all of my books as solely mine again, and to finally have the time, resources, and ability to have taken them back. For those of you who have helped support me on this journey, THANK YOU. Getting here has been a long road, and I look forward to continuing to produce quality MM content for you, of all subgenres, and to reintroduce some of my old favorites to a new audience in the near future.

Truly, thank you all.

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