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Taking a Chance – On Short Stories

I’ve never historically been much of a short story writer – I say, forgetting that I’ve written one-shot fanfiction since I was fifteen. But seriously, I had never considered publishing short stories as part of my M/M romance catalog – until last year.

One thing I really like about short stories, besides giving me a way to share content with my readers that simply isn’t long enough to submit to my publishers usually, is that I can gain new readers more frequently since short stories are so much cheaper to produce and for readers to buy. I can also offer short stories for free to pull in new readers to my longer works

First last year was the release of The Immaculate Marlow King through JMS Books, followed by a winter wonderland giveaway that led to publishing Colder Than Fiction, which I will likely give away again when the holidays come around, and then my noir short story, The Case of the Boy in Blue, that I never imagined would see such success, and now I’m planning a full-length novel follow-up in the future.

Upcoming is also something new for me – an anthology. But not just any anthology, one where the proceeds will all be going to the Aids Healthcare Foundation – Taking A Chance: Charity Anthology. Organized by DG Carothers, this anthology combines the works of seventeen authors sharing sixteen LGBTQ+ stories.

Mine is Silhouette:

Mob boss Gael Pierce has recently taken over the territory of Xavier Trabeaux, better known as Mr. X. While cataloging his acquisitions, Gael stumbles upon a gem he didn’t expect—Silhouette, the headliner for a burlesque club who gives even better performances in the back rooms. There’s just one catch: he is completely untouchable, and Gael vows to get to the bottom of why and how he might change that.

You can pre-order the anthology now, which releases on April 23, 2021, and stay tuned for future short stories from yours truly (since there’s already another in the works for the summer that you’ll hear more about soon).

To stay the most up to date on my releases, remember to join my Facebook Group.

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