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The first book I ever lost myself in

Recently, I asked readers at another author’s release party: What was the first book you ever truly lost yourself in?

Mine was – don’t laugh – The Vampire Who Came for Christmas.

When Ben discovers a friendly vampire hiding in his attic, he and Zander must outwit the evil Vampire King and save Christmas.

It has an interesting backstory for me where I originally bought the book at a Scholastic book fair, and then lost the book when a friend I lent it to moved away. I often thought of it and mourned its loss, but then, a few years ago, a good friend found a copy of the version I remembered and gave it to me as a gift. I love it and immediately reread all the scenes I most remembered. Having a vampire brought to tears by someone singing "O Holy Night" is epic!

And now I know that this awesome children’s book is part of a monster series. I may have to look up the others.

What was the first book YOU ever truly lost yourself in?

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