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The Incubus Saga Reviews - 5 Years Later

My actual first book was a little novelette called The Collector, which is currently out of print, but I have a new cover and future plans for it—one of these days, I swear!

My first full published book, however, the start of a three-book series, was Incubus, book 1 in The Incubus Saga.

Recently, one of the very first reviewers who took a liking to the series, Kristen Burns, returned to reread it, five years after it finished and the last of her reviews was posted, and she made me absolutely glow with some of her new comments.

“I loved all the characters. And the relationships. And the story. And the emotion. [This series] made me want to cry—not because I was sad, but because I just felt so much for the characters, or because there was so much good and hope and happiness for them after all the bad they’d been through, or because they always had each other, even during the bad.”

Please please check out the original and revisited reviews for Incubus, Changeling, and Sidhe. It was awesome to see that I also made her top 5 list for favorite books she’s read in the past five years of blogging.

What’s one of your favorite books you still think about years after reading? Have you revisited it? Has your review/thoughts changed since the first read?

I have one I’ve been wanting to go back through after a friend mentioned rereading (well listening to the audiobooks in this case): The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I was 10 when the movie for Interview with the Vampire came out, and 12 when I first read The Vampire Lestat. I wonder what I’d think now…

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