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The Stuff of Legends – Book Signings & Convention Panels

Early next month, I’ll be participating in another live convention, one I haven’t attended in years – CONvergence in Minneapolis, MN. This year’s theme is The Stuff of Legends, spanning August 5-8, and I have the pleasure of being an invited participant.

This means I’ll not only be on several panels but offering two separate book signing opportunities for fans.

CONvergence is sold out for in-person attendance, but there are ways to enjoy the convention virtually. They are working out whether they will stream and/or record panels, and you can stay up to date at their website:

Here’s what you can expect from me, and I would love to hear from you what you’d like me to answer at panels. I’ll provide a recap after the event.

Friday, August 6

2:00pm CDT

Book Signing - Amanda Meuwissen

10:00pm CDT

Panel: Growth of Queer Fiction

Queer fiction authors and stories are prevalent in today's industry. Why? How can we find each other and support each other to share more queer stories? How can you best get involved in the movement? Participants: Amanda Meuwissen, Gabriela Santiago (mod), Emily Hainsworth

Saturday, August 7

3:30pm CDT

Book Signing - Amanda Meuwissen

Sunday, August 8

12:30pm CDT

Panel: Traditional or Self-Publishing

Which is best? When? Have a great idea for a novel but unsure how to go about getting published? Learn when and how to approach larger publishers, indie, or genre publishers, and when to simply go it on your own. Participants: Laura Anne Gilman, Amanda Meuwissen, Taylor A Cisco (mod)

2:00pm CDT

Panel: Fan Fiction as Writing Training

Over the years a number of excellent professional writers have written fanfic and pastiches. We'll discuss how this may help or hinder their craft. Participants: Marguerite Krause (mod), Laura Anne Gilman, Cassandra Phoenix, Elliott Kios Dean, Amanda Meuwissen

Learn more HERE.

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