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Short Story WIP

I'm editing a short story to send to my publisher.

The main character looks like Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass in my head (though I've never seen the anime).

Here's how it starts:


Marlow King had a secret.

He needed to get off at least once a day.

Sometimes twice.

Sometimes more.

Sometimes it got embarrassing.

He couldn’t help it! He’d had an overactive sex drive ever since he hit puberty and came into his abilities as a Storm Mage.

Everyone had some magical affinity but, for most people, it was minor. Powerful Mages were rare; Storm Mages even more so.

Being one meant Marlow could control and manifest every element that made up the known universe: water, fire, earth, wind, darkness, and light. But that same power running through his veins meant an increased metabolism, which included the most unnecessarily non-existent refractory period ever imagined.

He’d gone five times back to back once, and that should not be normal!

It also wasn’t nearly as awesome as people might think. When he was in the right frame of mind and wanted to get off, it was great, but if some days he couldn’t spare a few minutes for ‘private time’, his body tended to punish him—with very inopportune boners.

Nice looking man or woman walked by? He was done. Stiff wind? Stiff Marlow. Even a mannequin in a store window could get his blood pumping.

He’d heard rumors that Storm Mages were more amorous than other people, but he’d never discussed it with anyone, or met another Storm Mage to confirm what level of amorous was ordinary.

He knew he could have asked a doctor, or even a specialist at the precinct where he worked as a Police Mage, but he was long past puberty now. He couldn’t just bring it up in conversation, even to a professional. It was embarrassing!

Mostly because his real secret was being a twenty-four-year-old virgin.

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