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2023 Year in Review

Many of my newer readers and author friends may not know this, but I've actually been publishing for over a decade. I consider my born-again publiversary to be 2019, and I've only been a full-time author since 2021, but I actually published my first book in 2012, and my Incubus Saga series began releasing in 2013.

I still feel like I'm playing catchup most days, as I know many of you do too, but I honestly couldn't be prouder of all my author buddies, and I'm more certain than ever that there is nowhere I'd rather be than here in the trenches with you.

It has been a monumental year for me. Incubus turning 10 had me get a tattoo of the titular character in commemoration. I finished two series, Tales from the Gemstone Kingdoms and Moonlight Prophecies, participated in two multi-author collaborations, including my last book of the year, It's a Tenta-ful Life, still to come on December 22nd, recorded the audiobook version of Gardening with a Ghost with Kevin Earlywine and Curtis Michael Holland, and my highlight of the year was definitely the release of Last Courtesan of Olympus.

All of that is on top of releasing hardcover versions of my Lovesick series, more Moonlight Prophecies French translations, and pocket paperbacks of all my previously published shorts. Somehow, I also managed to attend multiple conventions, including the Gay Romance Literature Retreat, and I am hard at work on several upcoming collaborations for 2024, most of which haven't even been announced yet.

Next year is shaping up to be even better than 2023, likely with fewer releases, but ones I am ecstatic to share with you. I hope you'll stick around to experience it with me.

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