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It's a Tenta-ful Life - Release Day

Happy release day to me of It's a Tenta-ful Life, my contribution to the Tinsel & Tentacles multi-author holiday collaboration.

At just over 120 pages, you can expect:

  • mutual pining

  • strangers to friends to lovers

  • hurt/comfort

  • dark & deadly secrets

  • tentacles with hidden talents

If angels get wings, what do monsters get?

Brody Hawkins was living the good life. Unattached, young, attractive, with a great job at the Shangri-La La Land gay bar and bringing men and women back to his bed most nights without ever being tied down.

Until the night he stumbles upon an injured man in the snow.

Wary of the circumstances that might have left someone for dead so near to Christmas, instead of taking the man to a hospital, Brody brings him home. He dubs the man Goldie, having no other name offered to him when Goldie wakes, but his golden hair and eyes are like tinsel on a tree.

Goldie couldn’t have anything to do with the murders or missing person from a few blocks down. He couldn’t. He’s too sweet and soft-spoken and even a little sad. He’s no monster.

But he also might not be human.

It’s a Tenta-ful Life is part of the Tinsel and Tentacles multi-author collaboration and a complete standalone. Expect to find a lifelong bachelor who never planned to fall in love, an eldritch horror in disguise who longs for love, mutual pining, strangers to friends to lovers, dark and deadly secrets, tentacles with hidden talents, and more in this slightly darker take on a holiday MM romance.

Want more tantalizingly tentacular winter holiday romances? Grab the whole series!

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