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Q & A with Author Amanda Meuwissen

As part of my new release, vampire M/M romance novel Their Dark Reflections, I am all over the internet with excerpts, a chance at prizes, and interviews.

One such interview can be found at Never Hollowed by the Stare.

Here is an example question I answered:


Do you have a favorite quote (either from your own books or one’s you’ve read)?

I haven’t used this quote yet but plan to in the future. My husband and I were watching an anime, I forget the name, where someone was a villain in disguise, but you didn’t know who.

We thought: what if it’s the character who thinks he’s the hero, and he doesn’t even know he’s the bad guy?

Then my husband said: Who would ever suspect a hero with the best of intentions?

You will see a book from me eventually with that quote, since I am known for dabbling in superhero stories. Stay tuned.


I answer many more questions in the interview, as well as provide an excerpt from my new novel, and the opportunity for people to enter a raffle for one of three eBooks from my backlog. Check it out!

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