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Review & Author Interview

Reviews are pouring in, and I'm still touring with interviews to promote my newest release, vampire M/M romance novel Their Dark Reflections.

Another such interview AND review can be found at the MM Midnight Cafe.

Here is a snippet from the review:

"For me a good Vampire story must have an element of danger, that the vampire could lose control of the one he loves. He must fight his vampire nature or learn to control it. It also must show us the world from a vampire’s point of view and how they’re being a vampire is important to the story.
"Well let me tell you Amanda has done just that; she has woven an excellent paranormal suspense romance story."

And here is an example question I answered:


Do you have a favourite character and/or book you’ve written? Who, what and why?

Sasha Kelly, the incubus character from my trilogy, The Incubus Saga, has to win best boy. He looks like a male Ariel from The Little Mermaid, he’s charming, tragic, lonely, and part of perhaps my favorite love story I’ve ever written. And yet, if I had to choose a favorite book, it’s always my other series, Lovesick, both Lovesick Gods and Lovesick Titans. They do the heavy-lifting for me for emotional turmoil and eventual payoff like nothing else I’ve written.

If you’re a gay-for-you fan, check out Incubus; if you’re an enemies-to-lovers fan, it’s all about Lovesick.


I answer many more questions in the rest of the interview, as well as provide an excerpt from my new novel, and the opportunity for people to enter a raffle for one of three eBooks from my backlog. Check it out! And stay tuned for more.

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