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Lovesick Titans, MSP ComiCon, and First Edition Deal

MSP ComiCon was this past weekend, my favorite event of the year to bring books, as it’s run by a great organization, MCBA, free for participating creators to have tables and sell their work, food is provided for us, and it’s always a blast to meet and talk with fans (new and dedicated alike).

This past weekend also marked the official release of the second and final book in my Lovesick Series – Lovesick Titans.

After the release of Lovesick Gods last fall, I ended up having second thoughts about the cover art and did a new edition. Lovesick Titans matches the new cover, of course, but I do still have some 1st edition books left of book 1, and I know some of you out there have purchased it.

In the spirit of that, I brought first edition books to MSP ComiCon with a $5 deal, allowed people to purchase the set for $20 if they got the first edition (or $20 to get the new matching set as long as they had previously purchased the old cover of book one), and then $25 normally for just the new set.

I am offering that same deal to YOU today and tomorrow for exclusive SIGNED copies.

  • $5 + shipping for the first edition book

  • $20 +shipping for the first edition book and Lovesick Titans

  • $20 +shipping for the new Lovesick Gods and Lovesick Titans if you purchased the first edition already

  • $25 +shipping for the new books only

Feel free to contact me through Facebook, Tumblr, or my website contact form and let me know which package you want, where to send it, what name to sign the book to, what color to sign in (bronze, silver, or gold), and I will reply with the final cost for shipping and my Paypal link to get things rolling.

I’m bringing everything to the post office Saturday morning, so time is limited and so are first edition books.

Let me know if you’re interested!

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